What Can Playing Volleyball Teach Us About Playing the Piano?

Volleyball and Piano. Not related, surely? Well... I think there are some interesting and important parallels between sport and music. Both require skill and practice to develop competence, both can be enjoyed by the player as well as by an audience or spectators. What I think is particularly useful is where differences start to emerge: In my experience (very much anecdotal and not scientific at all!) people are more ready to commit to drills and practice in volleyball than they are with piano; whilst anxiety about performing in front of others often seems to be less of an issue in volleyball than with piano. Starting from these observations, what can playing volleyball teach us about playing the piano?

The Music of Maths or the Maths of Music?

As a long confirmed musical mathematician (or is that a mathematical musician?) there is a lot to interest me in this article from Plus + magazine, which is Cambridge University's internet magazine "which aims to introduce readers to the beauty and the practical applications of mathematics".

This fascinating article explains how...