Book Clubs Launched!


So excited to announce that we have launched not just one, not even just two, but THREE book clubs for students of Worthing Piano Lessons, friends, family and in fact the general public.

Three Book Clubs?

There is a "Little Prodigies" book club which is aimed at children and their parents. The first book here is the addictive THIS JAZZ MAN by Karen Ehrhardt. Already a proven hit at Worthing Piano Lesson bedtimes!


The Young Adults book club is starting with Why Beethoven Threw The Stew by Steven Isserlis. This should be an entertaining and accessible introduction to the world of classical music.


There is a main book club which is targetted at adult readers. Our first book is What To Listen For In Music by Aaron Copland. Let's get our listening skills up to scratch to start the year :) we can then enjoy the forthcoming books even more! Hopefully!


Sign me up!

Although there is a target audience for each book club anyone is free to join any or indeed all of the groups.

The book clubs are being run online, using Facebook groups. Just click through to the group(s) you are interested in and request to join.

Worthing Piano Lessons Book Club

Worthing Piano Lessons Book Club - Young Adults

Worthing Piano Lessons Book Club - Little Prodigies

Listen AND Read

Where possible (i.e. the suggested list of music is not overwhelming) there is also a Spotify playlist to accompany the book. Here is the link for the playlist for This Jazz Man - fantastic listening, I'm sure you'll agree.

What Do YOU Think?

I've love to hear what you think about the book clubs and, of course, the books themselves. Get involved in the discussions over on Facebook and let me know what you think about the book clubs in the comments below.

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