Improving Practising

Monthly Activity Focus

Each month I am taking a different aspect of piano playing to be a studio-wide focus. September's focus is PRACTICE.

As with all of the areas I have lined up for the year ahead, practice should be a part of every lesson and every student's week at home with their piano.

Why make it a focus for just one month?

practice focus.png

By focussing on an aspect of piano playing for a month I hope to build some good habits that my students will carry on for the year ahead. (Practice is actually going to make three appearances this year!)

What will this achieve?

This September, with the Practice Focus, I am hoping to:

  • get students thinking about piano practice after the summer holiday
  • get younger students DOING some practice
  • get more advanced students developing their practice techniques

There are tasks set for each of four weeks. If the students complete the tasks they work their way through Novice status, to Prodigy status, to Virtuoso status and finally to Maestro status. 

The younger students will also receive points based on how well they have completed that week's task. And yes, points mean prizes!

Your free handout...

So that you can run a similar studio-wide project I have uploaded the file that contains the handouts for these - just click here!

What do you think about this idea?

I would love to know if you think this would work for your students - please let me know what you think and how you get on with it!

Resource of the Week

I'm busy busy busy here at Worthing Piano Lessons. I'm getting ready for the start of term. (Term dates can be found here in case you're wondering!) If you've read my newsletter you'll have seen that there are a LOT of really exciting things coming up. 

This page on my website gives you an overview and links to further details of all these activities.

The first task I'm going to share with you is...

Theory Bingo - Resource of the Week

Bringing theory to life - that's got to be the challenge for teachers. It's all too easy to compartmentalise theory learning, to treat it as something you do in "that" book for just a few minutes a week. I really believe though that that's a dangerously limiting approach...