What I'm Listening To - GINASTERA

If you've not already heard this album - buy it, download it, stream it...! Following a review in the latest edition of Pianist magazine I have been thoroughly enjoying listening to this new recording of Ginastera's work by the 61 year old German pianist Michael Korstick.


I love the blend of Argentinian dance music with 20th century influences and Korstick plays brilliantly. There are clear "20th century" discordant and challenging points but I would say that this is very gentle, accessible modern music. My absolute favourites are the Danzas Argentinas, which open the album.

Want to join in?

Here you can find the album on Spotify:

And here's a link to buy it from Amazon.

Want to get playing?

You can, with books such as this, from Amazon.

As Ginastera died in 1983 his work is still in copyright so we cannot download his sheet music for free. If you would like to play something similar to Ginastera, without forking out, why not try Nazareth, a Brazilian composer and pianist? Here is a link on imslp to Nazareth's work and here is one of his famous pieces, Odeon (remember to scroll down to find the sheet music).

Happy Listening!

Let me know what you think of this album in the comments below - and I'd love to hear from anyone who gets hold of either Ginastera's or Nazareth's music to play.