Resource of the Week

So this week it is really ResourceS of the Week. One metronome, one Flip-A-Rhythms book and one tambourine for extra-enthusiastic "clapping" back.


How am I going to use them?

At the beginner level I will pick one of the early rhythms from the F-a-r book. It might be as simple as four bars of four crotchets. Using the metronome I will get students to maintain a steady beat by clapping or tapping the tambourine. We will mix and match with either the student reading the rhythms and performing or repeating back when I clap the rhythm to them first.

For intermediate students I will choose more complicated rhythms. We will start and stop the metronome... and start again to see if they can keep a steady beat just with themselves to guide.

For more advanced students I will be using two rhythms at once. That's the beauty of the F-a-r books. The pages are pre cut in half and allow you to line up two rhythms. You can flick through the book to combine as you choose. So I would pick two rhythms that the students would have to read and tap out, one with each hand (perhaps shaking the tambourine in one hand and tapping the other hand on their leg). A great drill for coordination, for independence of hands, for reading different rhythms and of course, for keeping a steady beat


Finally, for those students who LOVE stickers (and actually, all of mine do!) I will be bringing out the stickers for rewards in their practice notebooks for every 2 / 5 / 10 rhythms correctly performed.