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Getting Ready...

I'm busy busy busy here at Worthing Piano Lessons. I'm getting ready for the start of term. (Term dates can be found here in case you're wondering!) If you've read my newsletter you'll have seen that there are a LOT of really exciting things coming up. 

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What's On?

This page on my website gives you an overview and links to further details of all these activities.

Practice Notebook

The first task I'm going to share with you is my updated Practice Notebook.

I know lots of you use ready-made notebooks - or even just standard exercise books. What I love about making my own is that it can include all of the areas and ideas I want to cover. I also have the option of personalising it for each student.

  • I've tried to streamline this so that it doesn't overwhelm my students, whilst also making it double sided.
  • I've included shadable bar charts for that week's focus on each piece so students know what they should be working on (inspired by / shamelessly copied from this great post).
  • The second side is a self-assessment section - I really think this is so important to help students progress and develop as pianists.
  • There is a handy space for a sticker :)
  • The reference to the online links on their personal page on my website is a lot clearer than it was.

Want More Resources?

Keep an eye open for future posts where I will be sharing further resources and ideas that I have been developing.

What Do YOU Think?

I hope you'll enjoy using this - or be inspired to make your own. I'd love to hear how you get on with it and if your students like the self-assessment section. Let me know in the comments below.