Teaching Classical Piano by Teaching Pop Piano

Are your students eager to learn pop music?

If so, brilliant! Because you're well on your way to also helping them to learn to play classical music better!

Whoa! Wait a minute! How does that make sense?

piano header.jpg

If you want to read more about this and find out how you can teach classical piano by teaching pop piano, then head over to Tim Topham's excellent blog, where, really excitingly, I've had this published as a guest post: Teaching Classical Piano by Teaching Pop Piano.

Whilst you're there you can read up on lots of other ideas for motivating teens with his ebook and hundreds of insightful articles for improving your piano teaching.

It's fantastic to be working with such a renowned and respected pedagogue as Tim. He's got so many great ideas to help you make your piano teaching exciting and relevant. Look out for my next guest post as well, with more ideas for motivating teens - coming very soon!


Image: "fast fingers" by lecates is licensed under CC 2.0