Worldwide and European Piano Challenges

As the final few hours of this half term are flying past I am getting ready for next half term's challenge. The Practice Challenge which ran for this half term has been a great success. All my students have put in the time at home and have passed the Practice Challenge (practice at least 5 times a week) without even one Get Out Of Jail Free card being used! What is wonderful is that I have seen, and they have enjoyed, real progress being made. I just hope this level of commitment continues!

Next half term I want my students to continue to explore the world of music. They are already set listening tasks each week, where they discover a wide range of music. This challenge aims to take their listening further and to link in with their playing. There will be a choice of route for students to follow. They can pick the Worldwide Piano Challenge which entails listening to and playing a piece of music from each continent. Or students can choose the slightly more challenging European Piano Challenge which requires that they listen to OR play a piece from EACH European country! 

Part of the motivation of this challenge is to take students (and me!) out of the usual comfort zone of music from the Western Classical tradition.

I am hoping that my students will do some research towards this challenge and discover music that will be new to me! I will make sure I come back to share any particular gems.

As always, I would love to hear from YOU - tell me your suggestions for music from some of the less well known countries and please share any challenges that you set your students - either add a comment or send an email!