Resource of the Week

Inspired by a number of great piano teaching blogs out there I have made a rhythm bingo game for this week. But why on earth have I made my own when I can just use the games already out there? It's not as if I've got lots of (or indeed any!) spare time!

I wanted a really simple version. One for my absolute beginners that are only just starting to learn about the different note types. My rhythm bingo uses only crotchets and minims. No dots. No rests. Nice and simple.

Here's a copy of my game board for you to use too:

Rhythm Bingo

And now for some extra tips and ideas for you:

  • I'm saving printing and paper usage by putting one copy into a punched pocket and then giving a board marker to my students to write on the punched pocket, then erase, then write on...
  • I'm sending my students home with a link so that they can play this at home with anyone in their family that they can cajole into a bit of rhythm fun!
  • Extend the idea by asking your students to create their own game board - this is a great way to get them to practice drawing crotchets and minims.

If you have created or used any really simple rhythm activities, please let me know in the comments section.