What I'm listening to...

I love listening to music - piano music, classical music, modern music, jazz, funk, rock, pop, electronic music, indie music... and, as is well documented, listening to music has many benefits.

" Listen Carefully " by  Justin Lynham  is licensed under  CC 2.0

"Listen Carefully" by Justin Lynham is licensed under CC 2.0


One such benefit, for the exam takers out there, is that if you listen to recordings of your pieces you can develop your musical understanding of them. You can gather ideas for how to interpret the music. Just as you wouldn't want to listen to a monotone speech or play, you want your piano playing to be full of emotion, drama and interest.

This week I've been listening to this playlist on Spotify: Trinity Grade 8 2015 2017 I recommend it as a great starting point for all my students wanting to take Grade 8 Piano with Trinity College London (I've made a similar one for students wanting to take Grade 8 Piano with ABRSM).


My current favourite pieces from this playlist are: 

  • Debussy - Golliwogg's Cakewalk
  • Grieg - Notturno no. IV
  • Chopin - Waltz op.64 no. 1 in D-flat major
  • Bartok - Hungarian Dance no. 6
  • Ravel - Sonatine

Which are your favourites to listen to? Which are your favourites to play?