Judged Outstanding for her classroom teaching
and with 100% distinction rate
since January 2015 for her students' exam entries,
Rebecca's love of both music and teaching is sure to inspire you and help you enjoy success at the piano.


10 years of classroom teaching experience in secondary schools and sixth forms
5 years of private teaching and tutoring experience
MA (Cantab.) 
PGCE (Reading)
Diploma in Instrumental Teaching - Piano - with Distinction (ABRSM) 
ARSM Diploma in Piano Performance - with Distinction (ABRSM)
Grade 8 Piano (ABRSM)
Grade 8 Theory (ABRSM)
Grade 6 Clarinet (ABRSM)
Grade 6 Practical Musicianship (ABRSM)
Member of the WMAAF Piano Sub-Committee
Member of EPTA UK
Member of the ISM
Member of The Curious Piano Teachers
Community Manager for The Curious Piano Teachers
Member of Tim Topham’s Inner Circle
Mother of 2
Enhanced DBS Certificate
ICO Registered


What does being a "Curious" Piano Teacher mean?

Being curious (of course!), being creative and always striving to improve

What do each of those mean for my teaching and for my students?

Being curious means that I want to find out how things can be done in different, better and more exciting ways;
I am always eager to explore new music, new resources and different approaches leading to the best possible lessons for each of my individual students

Being creative means developing exciting, inspiring, innovative, fun, rewarding, challenging but achievable lesson activities for
lessons that are tailor-made for each and every pupil. 

Always striving to improve means that I am always learning so I can empathise with my students' learning journeys.
I'm always moving with the times so I'm always ready to "teach the students of today ready for the world of tomorrow".

"He who dares to teach must never cease to learn."
John Cotton Dana, 1912.